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Located in the heart of Yuma County's farming community, Barkley Company of Arizona has an extensive background in farming a diverse variety of crops. We have a long standing reputation of meeting and exceeding our customer's expectations. Annually we farm over 4,000 acres of fresh produce, winter vegetables, cotton and grain crops. Our farms are located in three diverse growing areas within the county allowing us to take advantage of a broad range of planting and harvesting dates. Our Farm Mangers live on site at two of our growing locations providing them with the ability to carefully monitor all growing practices.

We have the ability to custom grow any of the following commodities in a manner that will best suit your needs.

  • Lettuce Including Iceberg and Romaine
  • Broccoli Including Broccoli Hybrids
  • Mix Leaf Including Green Leaf, Red Leaf, Frisee
  • Grain Crops Including Wheat, Barley, Safflower
  • Cotton Including Short Staple and Pima
  • Specialty Items Including but not limited to Baby Mix, Onions, Artichokes, Asparagus and Seed Crops
  • Melons Including Honeydews, Cantaloupes, Watermelons

In addition to custom farming, we offer custom land preparation.

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